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We have 10 confirmed contributors
on September 9, 2022
(updated monthly)

A State-Approach Overview

Flip Petillion


Our Goal

The site is meant to give an overview of the IP enforcement measures worldwide.

They are prepare by specialists from all over the globe.

The purpose of this project is to give an insight of the status in the country of participating contributors of:

  1. The legal framework of the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

  2. The case law on the subject

  3. The views of distinguished authors

  4. Open issues

  5. Projected changes


Only top ranked law firms are invited to participate in this project.

The website takes the form of a collection of country overviews.

Each contribution will be prepared according to a preset table of contents and format.

Contributors will follow a house style guide.

Contributors will commit to a language review by a native English speaker.

The contributions keep the balance between an academic in-depth report and a practical guideline. It is meant to be more than a cursory question and answer approach which has become quite common the last years, but which just misses that little bit more that practitioners and general counsel expect. We are making an overview that is useful for both practitioners, who are active cross-border and internationally, and general counsel, who want in-depth information to coordinate actions in different Member States and avoid contradicting approaches in proceedings that are conducted simultaneously, without the need to first consult local counsel and ask for that typical initial advice that should be readily available and complementary.


Contributions are reviewed instantly following their receipt.


Once reviewed and accepted for publication, the contributions will be published on the site.



Support to the Author(s)

Authors contributing to the project will be able to ask questions at any time by mailing to:

Author(s) Visibility

Each contributing team will provide:

  • The country name

  • The first names and surnames of the authors

  • Firm address

  • Firm website address

  • The authors email addresses

  • The bio of each contributing author (maximum 250 words)

  • The firm description (maximum 250 words)

  • A picture that is rights-free and that would be a good picture for your country.

  • The report (attached is the sample word doc). Please use this document and delete the instructions after filling out the blanks.

Get in Touch

Call​: +32 (0)484 652 653


Address: Guido Gezellestraat 126, 1654 Huizingen (Belgium-Europe)

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